Tomáš Karella

Affiliation: Department of Image Processing at Institute of Information Theory and Automation Czech Academy of Sciences


I am a Ph.D. student deeply passionate about computer vision and also a proud member of Fast Minds. My research focuses on the efficient training of deep learning models, leveraging a priori knowledge about the task at hand. Specifically, I am engrossed in topics like invariance, equivariance and robustness against expected transformations of the input data. A significant thrust of our work is to construct explainable networks that can ensure certain desired properties. Beyond the academic realm, I’m intrigued by the application of computer vision in nuclear energetics. This exploration is undertaken in collaboration with CVŘ.

Before my Ph.D. and even during my studies as a part-time endeavor, I worked at several companies. For a detailed account of my professional experience, please see my CV. On a personal note, I am an enthusiast of bouldering, ski-touring, and hiking. My hobbies even led me on two pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela. Driven by my interest in deep learning, I initiated a reading group within our department, dedicated to the latest developments in deep learning.

Selected publications

  1. h-next.jpg
    H-NeXt: The next step towards roto-translation invariant networks
    Tomáš Karella, Filip Šroubek, Jan Blažek, Jan Flusser, and Václav Košík
    In 34th British Machine Vision Conference 2023, BMVC 2023, Aberdeen, UK, November 20-24, 2023, 2023
  2. wikipedia_common_madonka.jpg
    Convolutional neural network exploiting pixel surroundings to reveal hidden features in artwork NIR reflectograms
    Tomáš Karella, Jan Blažek, and Jana Striová
    Journal of Cultural Heritage, 2022


Dec 4, 2023 Just wrapped up my brief notes from BMVC 2023! 📝
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Oct 20, 2023 Just wrapped up my wonderful internship at Custom Ink 🎉 Loved enhancing their awesome images!🐙
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